About Amy

Wrestle maniaThanks for indulging me as I write and rant about life as a thirtysomething mom. This blog is an easy way for me to keep my friends and family (and anyone else who drops by, for that matter) in the loop about what’s been going on in my life in the since becoming a mom to two beautiful (and loud!) kids. This motherhood thing is a kick. Every day is hilarious in our house, and these kids have turned out to be quite the little charmers.

Being a full-time mom/full-time employee was full of excitement and drama (Pumping being up there on the list. Thank God, I am done!). Now I am at home figuring out this mom-of-two thing while simultaneously trying to start up a photography business. Balance is zen. Hmm…good luck with that, right?

The fam on Ian's birthdayThis blog is constantly changing and evolving as I learn about what I’m doing with my computer and my camera. But luckily I am married to a fabulously talented and supportive man who teaches me about Word Press and design and why XBox should run for president. He also lets me mock him on my blog, which of course is a main reason I married him. Another reason is that he loves burritos as much as I do and laughs at my jokes. Also, he’s cute.

I have a dog, Sarah, and a whole interesting family of bloggers. I read constantly, play indoor soccer, and am a California girl to the core. Also, I think wet open-mouthed baby kisses will someday bring about world peace.Browse the site to find out more.


You can also find me at Digital Photography Blogs, a photography blog where I write mostly to help parents take better photos of their children. But you don’t have to have kids to find something helpful — anyone looking to learn more about just picking up your camera and taking better photos is welcome. We’ve also got tons of tips and tricks for correcting or enhancing your photos after the shot. Anyway, stop by, subscribe, support our sponsors. The universe will smile.