6 Months

YIP ~ Day 305Six months is definitely a good age. Six months is sitting up and enjoying the new view. It’s eating yummy foods - rice cereal, oatmeal, pureed green beans, peas, squash and carrots so far. Six months is smiling at and flirting with anyone and everyone, laughing at your sister constantly, clinging to mama for more love and kisses and milk (always with the more milk!), “wrestling” with daddy. Six months is tummy time, little baby push-ups and almost crawling by pushing off the furniture with chubby feet, but really wanting to skip all that silly business and go straight to walking.

YIP ~ Day 300

Six months is wet with drool. Lots of drool. And lots of gnawing on little fists and feet and anything near, for that matter.

YIP ~ Day 244

I adore this age. And that laugh, the giggle that gets caught in your throat. So happy and so totally boy.


I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been so immersed in life with this new little bundle of energy and joy and peace and mellowness. I’ve been watching and letting it all soak into me so that I can remember this. So I can look back and remember how you felt in my arms. How your whole body snuggled into me in bed in the early hours of the morning when you’d wake up in your room and not want to be alone anymore. How you sounded when you cried and how much I wanted to always, always be able to make it all better.

YIP ~ Day 295

You’re lying in my lap as I type this. (Another reason I haven’t been as active on this blog–lots of baby lying in my arms makes it hard to type!)  And as I look down on your peaceful face, your sweet chubby cheeks, and those long gorgeous lashes that many women would die for, I listen to your your raspy adorable snores and am mentally capturing you at this age. At six months. An age that I love. I put my finger into your hand and it instinctively curls around me, holding on. I hope you will always want to hold on. And even when you’re physically ready to let go, please know that mama will always be holding your heart.

Little bee

Oh, also? Sorry about that Halloween costume. But, you know, it kind of had to be done.

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Fewer posts are worth it if they are as endearing and moving as this. You’re such a wonderful mom!

Awww…thanks, Teresa!

Hi Amy,

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Hi, thanks for sharing.