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Well we’re officially into January and well into 2008, and I’ve had some time to really be contemplative about where I’m at right now, where I was in 2007, and how life is going to change in the coming year. I mean, whoa–we’re adding a whole new member to our family this year!

It’s true that we had quite a few changes in 2007–in fact, I’d say it was “the year of change” when it comes to categorizing all the years of our married life together so far. I turned 30, we moved to a new house, I got pregnant, we both started new jobs, Sophia started daycare, Grammy moved away (as did my brother and his family), and we made the hard decision to leave our church and the kids we loved there, among the many other things that happened last year.

Overall, it was quite a ride, to say the least. But even with all of that, looking back I’d say that it was a pretty amazing year, even with all the highs and lows. And I think, looking forward, that instead of making resolutions about the things I’d change about my life, I want to focus on what about my life delights me.

I got the idea from an inspiring blogger, Christine Kane, who was also my inspiration last year to forgo the ritual of resolution-making in lieu of simply choosing a word to live by. Being me, I couldn’t choose just one word, of course. So last year I focused on happiness by way of joy and gratitude (and then threw in creativity for good measure). And I think that overall I tried to live joyfully and gratefully last year, although I know I failed at times (hmm, my entire first trimester of this pregnancy would most definitely classify as a less than joyful time for me).

There are so many big decisions and events on the near horizon for me personally and for us as a family, that I can’t help but focus on the here and now to not get overcome by the hugeness of it all. Moving forward, I am choosing to simply be delighted with the world around me, and I am also focusing on the word expansion this year (expanding our family and, hopefully, the expansion of my photography into something more substantial).

But for now, I’ll share with you my list of 100 things that delight me today (in no particular order). Hopefully this list will also inspire delight in you for the little things in your life that make you smile.

  1. a warm toddler belly first thing in the morning
  2. photoshop
  3. my Nikon
  4. yogurt
  5. being completely engrossed in a great book
  6. flickr
  7. holding hands
  8. NPR
  9. the sound of rain on the roof
  10. warm dog breath
  11. tea parties
  12. handmade crafty goodness (!)
  13. blogging
  14. pedicures
  15. digital photography
  16. the way a baby’s little hand curls around your finger
  17. naptime
  18. my husband’s cooking
  19. guitar music
  20. laughing so hard your belly aches the next day
  21. hiking
  22. fireplaces
  23. dishwashers
  24. my duvet cover and all my pillows
  25. inspiration
  26. instant messaging my husband
  27. celeb gossip magazines at the hair salon
  28. picture frames
  29. full bookshelves
  30. libraries
  31. graphic design
  32. remembering my vitamins
  33. caramel
  34. my daughter’s infectious giggle
  35. movies with great soundtracks
  36. craftsman furniture
  37. a big glass of red wine
  38. eating good food with good friends
  39. organic face wash
  40. the crisp smell of fall
  41. mentoring high school and college aged kids
  42. social networking sites
  44. the passionate and innocent prayers of a 2-year-old
  45. traveling somewhere new
  46. the sound of the train whistle as I’m drifting off to sleep
  47. the view of the sunrise from my backyard
  48. Big Bear
  49. listening to my husband play the piano
  50. my dog’s fuzzy belly
  51. warm bread
  52. a good latte
  53. baking cookies
  54. wonderful grandparents for my daughter
  55. date night with my husband
  56. my daughter’s genuine excitement to see me, no matter how long it’s been
  57. the smell of freshly cut grass
  58. the smell of clean laundry from the dryer
  59. the smell just before it rains
  60. the smell of the seasons changing
  61. pea coats
  62. pod casts
  63. pancakes
  64. beaches
  65. great girlfriends
  66. creativity
  67. going barefoot
  68. really good art – especially good student artwork
  69. Jon Stewart
  70. robin’s egg blue
  71. Blueprint Magazine
  72. drivers who give the courtesy wave
  73. videos on demand from Charter cable
  74. rainy days when you have nowhere to go
  75. toddler toes
  76. baby sign language
  77. funky jewelry
  78. playing dress up
  79. white Christmas lights
  80. Halloween costumes
  81. unique water pitchers
  82. a job that gives me lots of paid time off
  83. letter press note cards
  84. gift cards
  85. a new house
  86. a long hot bath
  87. jeans
  88. chocolate
  89. the internet
  90. flip flops
  91. babies learning to walk
  92. camping
  93. berries
  94. reconnecting with old friends
  95. sleeping in
  96. forgotten money
  97. organizing
  98. road trips
  99. carousels
  100. random outbursts of song in our daily lives

What about you? What delights you? Feel free to add onto my list in the comments or create your own list and leave me a link!

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Reader Comments

I may steal this, but really, when will I have time? It may have to be a two parter. :)

Do you know what you’re having yet? When are you due?

Hi Jennifer! I kept putting it off (which is why I didn’t do it at the beginning of the month), but once I started the list went so fast and was so fun to write. I could have kept going another 100, I’m sure.

Also, we’re due at the end of April and decided to be surprised about the sex this time. So not my personality, so it surprised me that I wanted to wait!

My mantra for this year is Life Is Great In 2008. So I guess my focus word will be gratitude. I do have so much to be grateful for - guess I will have to start my list of 100 - naw, maybe one a day. So - today I was grateful for your list which made me smile, too.

Former students who grow up to be great parents.

100 reasons why I love you, Amy - this is a wonderful list. And I totally know what you mean about that train whistle - surprisingly soothing, isn’t it?

Grammy — so glad this list made you smile!

Cheryl — so glad we know each other through Chris and that you guys have been in touch through all these years!

Kristine — awww…#65, baby! And yes, that train soothes my soul and clears my head!

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