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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

This morning I laid Sophia gently down on the changing table to get her ready for the day.
“Good morning, sweetie!” I said. “How are you today?”
“I’m pretty!” she replied with her usual thick dose of charm.
Why, yes. Yes, you are. Hmm . . . I wonder how many times I say that to her a […]

Proof that my daughter loves to accessorize

When packing up the contents of your life for the past six years, you sometimes come across random things that make you laugh and remind you of your younger days. Chris found some old Star Wars dolls action figures that had been stored away and had set them on the table (to remind him, of […]

Merry Christmas?

In the middle of the summer, Sophia reads books about snowmen, sings “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” and pretends she’s Santa Clause in the bathtub. Maybe pretending it’s the cold wintertime when it’s 100+ degrees outside convinces her it’s not so hot. I think the kid might be on to something. Anything’s worth […]

23 months and counting…

Happy 23 months birthday, Sophia!
Yesterday you turned 23 months, and I’ve officially begun mentally gearing up for the big 2nd birthday. You have been such a trooper lately during this insanely busy month as we pack up all of our stuff and move to a new house. Being almost-two can be a hard and […]

If you say it to them enough it sinks in

Tonight before bed:
“How much do I love you, baby girl?”
She’s right, you know. She’s so totally right.

It’s big. It’s purple. And it’s leaving immediately.

Sophia was watching a little PBS this morning as I was packing up our bag for the beach. I left the family room for a few minutes while I gathered up a couple things we needed for the day around the house. She was watching the channel live, which is pretty unusual in our house […]

Munch and dinnerdime

I’d like to say that I remember those days of peaceful quiet when Sophia was just a little baby. But you know, she was never one of those quiet babies. (And not in a bad way. More like a just-want-to-yammer-and-squeal-and- tell-you-about-it kind of way.) This is why I’m not surprised that she is […]