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All blondes are not the same

Tonight Sophia pointed to a photograph of the gorgeous Kate Winslet and excitedly squealed, “Mommy!”
Wow. Getting compared to Kate Winslet. Thanks, baby girl! Although, yesterday she pointed to a cartoon Alice in Wonderland and said the same thing. So, um, I guess I can’t get too excited about the compliment.

Who needs a spoonful of sugar?

I think it’s safe to say that Sophia LOVES medicine. I have had to point out to her on numerous occasions that, contrary to what her taste buds are telling her, the liquid she is swallowing is not, in fact, candy. To her, the prescription she is on right now for her ear infection […]

On being just mom…

Sophia, who is only a year and a half (going on 13), has taken to calling me mom now when she wants my attention. No biggie, right? That’s who I am. But, c’mon, she’s still just a baby! I was banking on her calling me mommy — or at least mama — for a few […]

Five Questions: The Interview

Since Sophia is sick, we have been holed up for the past few days. (Family cold again? Third time’s a charm.) And since writing about a sick kid is about as fun as actually wiping away snot from a boogie nose, I decided to end the weekend with a few random facts about me, as […]

19 months and counting…

Happy 19 month birthday, Sophia!
This weekend you turned 19 months old and it practically flew by us in a whirlwind of Easter activity. You’ve been so excited about eggs and candy and baskets, you hardly knew what to do with yourself. Watching you experience each new holiday and milestone keeps getting more and […]

Things I love today about being a mom

I (heart):
Dancing in the kitchen with my toddler to Lily Allen.
Finally understanding all of my daughter’s language. (Seriously, you do NOT know how satisfying it is to figure out that “pah-la” means that she wants to read “Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?”)
Watching which crayon will be the color of choice for the […]

Sweet Child of Elmo

Tonight, Chris turned on some 80s music after dinner while Sophia was playing (classic Chris, I know). It was pretty much the good stuff for the most part — OMD, Erasure, A-Ha. But unfortunately, the playlist gods cannot always be in our favor and soon Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine” came on. At […]