White noise. We honor you.

Here I sit with “the Loaf” on my belly as I type this post. I mention Sophia in the first line because, well, everything in my life is her right now, so it seemed appropriate. ;)
Topic of discussion for today: The awaking of the newborn. A very interesting stage when, as a new parent, you start to wrongly assume that this beautfiul baby will be asleep for the rest of her life, and that you will merely need to feed her when she occasionally opens her eyes and change her diapers when she smells. I envisioned happily toting my sleeping child off to kindergarten for the first day of school and, eventually, my calmly sleeping teenager off to the prom. Oh no - do not be deceived. They wake up! And when they do, let’s hope you are ready!

Chris and I have been trying to figure out the whole nighttime thing. Apparenly our daughter really likes the noise and distraction of the daytime. She likes it so much that it lulls her right to sleep. She loves our voices. She loves “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” playing at high decibels. She even loves the sound of daddy’s “Need for Speed” on XBox. Go figure. And then there’s the nighttime that is just so quiet and dark. Not at all a time when a baby should be sleeping, Sophie thinks!

So we checked all baby resourses and found that it’s OK to overwhelm the nursery with noise. More specifically, white noise. Last week, after trying unsuccessfully to get her to sleep with the handy little white noise/music maker that conveniently came with our Pack n’ Play (it just doesn’t go loud enough!), I busted out the hairdryer.

Bam - right to sleep!

But what to do about the high energy bill that would result from running it all night, not to mention the fact that those things burn themselves out pretty quickly? For all you new parents at your wit’s end (who also happen to have a computer in your baby’s room), here is your solution: Chris downloaded a sample of a hairdryer, opened it up in WaveLAB, made a continuous loop, turned up the buffering in WinAMP, and we let it run. Sophie couldn’t be happier!

As Chris says, “That’s some cheap baby crack, man.”

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Reader Comments

Heh - I said “baby crack.”

Nice to see you posting again, babe!

Just make sure to bring your laptop and speakers whenever you attempt to go on vacation!

seriously. I laugh when ever I read these. You guys are great. who knew. a blow dryer. I can olny sleep with white noise, maybe I should try it.

actually, my granddaughter can do no wrong…she’ll soon get her days nd nights right,,you are the 2 best read parents on earth,,now get started with”the happiest baby on earth” DVD

CRAZY!! Fiona is EXACTLY the same. Nothing worked…until the Blessed Blow Dryer. We recorded it on our little I-River mp3 player (which now is dedicated soley to putting her to sleep). We loop our hair dryer in perpetuity all friggin’ night long. We actually didn’t hear the insance thunder storm because we were busy white noisin’ it over her in Guiles Baby Sleep Land.

It is such a small world after all.

The word “insance” should be read as “insane” in the next post (or is that previous post?). It will bring all of the literary elements and devices into alignment…please reread now.

I like updates. You should give us another. When are you going to unleash Magnum on us?

Ha! Baby crack… That’s the truth though. My baby is “addicted” to white noise that we downloaded from www.BabySleepSound.com and she can’t sleep without it. I’m not complaining, because she slept through the night from 2 months old, and I swear that it’s because of the vacuum cleaner sound that we bought for $3.99. Ever since we discovered that website, I’ve been a serious disciple of downloadable white noise! (I would rather pay 4 dollars than record it myself in my limited free-time.)

Anyway, that’s the best 4-bucks that I’ve ever spent!